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What We’re Looking For

Do you enjoy writing fun and interesting facts? Do you have a passion for writing amazing facts?

We’re looking for people who can write high quality facts, which are longer than 150 words in length. Grammar skills are important and the ‘fact files’ should be easy to read!

Why Should You Write For Us?

Guest posting is an excellent way to promote you’re site and create exposure. know4now is a fast growing site with an increasing audience. We allow you to place 2 permanent links in you’re author box which are clearly visible.

What Are The Requirements?

If you are able to write high quality fact files then you’re perfect. Have a look at our current fact files to get an idea of we’re after.

How Do I Sign Up?

A guest author account is needed. When you have completed you’re first article, just submit it for a review. Thereafter we will take a look and see if you are right for us so make sure you make a good first impression!

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