Did You Know Someone Sold An Imaginary Friend On Ebay For $3000?

There's bizarre, then there's this. A person managed to auction off their imaginary friend on eBay for a whopping $3000. The imaginary friend was Jon Malipieman. His self-portrait consisted of a, well, a wall because he is invisible. This self portrait would also be sent to the winning bidder along with Jon. The seller, some bloke from the

Did You Know There Is A Contest In Dubai Where You Win Gold For Losing Weight?

In the west, prizes for a contest usually consist of cash prizes or maybe even some goods. But in Dubai, things are a bit different. A contest offers participants gold in return for losing weight! The contest was launched in 2013, named 'Your Weight in Gold' with over 9,000 people joining in. Participants had the opportunity to earn gold for

Did You Know A Man Woke Up From A Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin?

Ben McMahon woke up from a coma speaking fluent Mandarin. This was following a car crash that he was involved in. For most, the biggest miracle would have been that he managed to wake from the week long coma. Yet for many still the biggest miracle was that he was speaking fluent mandarin. The Australian had studied Mandarin at school but not

Did You Know That Christiano Ronaldo Has Scored In Every Minute of A Game?

The world player of the year Christiano Ronaldo has an impressive record that rarely gets mentioned. He has scored in every minute of a game. He completed the achievement of this record in early 2014 after Read Madrid's game against Atletico Madrid. He netted in the 7th minute and by doing so completed the feat. His rival Lionel Messi doesn't

Did You Know Beyonce’s Former Bodyguard Weighed Over 400 Pounds?

Beyonce Knowles' former bodyguard weighed over 400lbs and was responsible for her guardianship in the early years of her career. He was called Shorty, yet he was anything but short. His exact weight was once cited at 491 pounds. Shorty also measured in at 6ft 8in, so yeah, quite the opposite of Shorty. He was also known as Big Shorty. Shorty

Did You Know That Clownfish Change Gender?

Clownfish change genders and this is a relatively unknown fact about the fish made famous by the movie Finding Nemo. They are all born male so therefore a clownfish sex change must take place in order to breed. At one time, there will only be one female clownfish in a group who will only mate with one dominant male who is usually the biggest. When

Did You Know That Black Attracts Heat?

You must have heard that black attracts heat at some point of your life. It's the reason why you always see people wearing predominantly white clothes in the summer and not many wearing black clothes. Yet have you ever wondered why? Let's explain it in simple terms. First we need to understand that light and heat are two different types of energy.