Did You Know Facebook Pays People For Finding Bugs On The Site?

In some ways you could say that Facebook pays people for being able to successfully hack the site. But yeah, if you discover bugs and flaws on the site, Facebook will pay you if they're real threats to the site. Named the Bug Bounty Program, it was set up so people could report security issues and be rewarded for it. So far the program has proved

Did You Know In Most Advertisements For Watches, The Time Reads 10:10?

Type in you're favourite watch maker on a search engine and have a look at the images. The time will probably read 10:10! This is mainly for analogue watches but some digital watch advertisements also have this time. It's not entierely known what prompted this time to become so popular on watch advertisements. The trend is thought to have

Did You Know A Search Session On Google And Boiling A Kettle Produce The Same Amount Of CO2?

Hard to believe but actually quite true. It's amazing how small things leave such a big carbon footprint. A typical Google search will produce approximately 0.2g of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Of course this is actually a bit less than what a kettle produces. However the brainy people behind the findings take into account that a user does not always

Did You Know A Computer User Blinks Only 7 Times A Minute On Average?

Feeling that computer eye strain again? It's probably because you're not blinking enough. A person normally blinks around 20 times per minute and this is sufficient for the eye to be replenished with tears containing oxygen, whilst at the same time getting rid of unwanted debris. However when we are surfing away on our computers, we tend to