Did You Know That Christiano Ronaldo Has Scored In Every Minute of A Game?

The world player of the year Christiano Ronaldo has an impressive record that rarely gets mentioned. He has scored in every minute of a game. He completed the achievement of this record in early 2014 after Read Madrid's game against Atletico Madrid. He netted in the 7th minute and by doing so completed the feat. His rival Lionel Messi doesn't

Did You Know The Founders of Adidas and Puma Were German Nazis?

Two very famous sports companies recognised throughout the world. Yet little do many know that they were both created by brothers who were German Nazis. Adidas was created by Adolf Dassler whose nickname was Adi. So Adidas was created from Adi Dassler. His brother Rudolph Dassler initially created Ruda which then went on to become Puma. Both

Did You Know Around 42 000 Tennis Balls Are Used In The Wimbledon Tournament?

Arguably the greatest tournament on the annual tennis schedule, Wimbledon attracts millions of sports lovers each year. Just as grand however, is the amount of tennis balls used in the tournament. It is thought around 42, 000 tennis balls are used for the 650 matches that are played. No doubt those ball boys and girls are kept busy at all

Did You Know Jesse Owens Broke 4 World Records Within 45 Minutes?

Breaking one world record is a dream for many athletes in their careers. Jesse Owens decided to break 4 world records in one of the greatest hour's in sporting history. Great athletes have broken multiple records of several years of their careers. Jesse Owens broke 4 in the space of 45 minutes. All that at the age of 21. He broke world records

Did You Know A Man Ran 365 Marathons In A Year?

For many people, it's a target to run at least one marathon in their lifetime. But Belgium runner Stefaan Engels decided to go the 'extra mile'. In 2010 he set out and completed a marathon each day of the year. That's a staggering 15, 000km he completed for the year. Some motorists don't even drive that much in a year! After completing the

Did You Know Ronaldinho Once Scored 23 Goals In One Game?

Ronaldinho Gaucho will go down as one of the greatest players ever to the grace the game of football (soccer for the rest of you). Yet little is known about the Ronaldinho 23 goals episode which boosted him into the limelight. His skilful demeanour was developed from playing futsal and beach football at a young age. But unlike most, he was able

Did You Know Golf Is The Only Sport To Have Been Played On The Moon?

Possibly not a question you'll be asked often but do you know what was the only sport played on the moon?At the time of writing, golf is the only sport to have been played there. That's all thanks to an astronaut's excellent smuggling techniques. It was in 1971 that Apollo 14 set off for the moon. There were 3 astronauts on board including the