Did You Know All The Humans of The World Would Not Be Able To Fill The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world, measured to be around 4,926 km² in size. You'd think that if 7.2 billion humans were piled up here, they'd fill a good portion of this mighty structure. Ermm, quite the contrary. In fact, if this was done, a pile of humans in The Grand Canyon would only occupy a fraction of the land. The calculations

Did You Know The Multiples Of 9 Can Be Used To Make The Number 9?

You're probably thinking what the hek does that even mean? Multiples of 9, if separated, can be used to make the number 9. For example, 9x3 = 27. If you separate 27 to give 2 and 7, adding the 2 and 7 together gives 9. This is true for the first 10  multiples of 9. 1x9 =  9     0+9 = 9 2x9 = 18    1+8 = 9 3x9 = 27    2+7 =

Did You Know Four Is The Only Number To Contain The Same Amount Of Letters As It’s Value?

Impress your friends with this cool math fact. The number 4 is actually quite unique, being the only number to contain the same amount of letters as it's value. If you think about it, that's quite mind boggling, considering numbers go on forever! So unless in the near future, someone decides to write out the longest number ever which has never