Did You Know That Banana Peel Whitens Teeth?

One of the latest health trends is the process of  teeth whitening using banana peel. The natural aspect has made it an attractive method of teeth whitening. Yet the big question is of course does it really work? You will find mixed reviews from the major health and beauty sites online. The one thing they do seem to agree on however is that

Did You Know A Restaurant In Spain Cooks All It’s Food With Volcanic Heat?

Talk about convenience. A restaurant in Lanzarote, Spain cooks all of it's food over a hole in the ground, harnessing geothermal heat from a dormant volcano. It is arguably the most natural barbecue out there and the unique experience means that the El Diablo restaurant is fully booked everyday. The food is cooked on a large iron grill which

Did You Know Honey Is The Only Food That Doesn’t Spoil?

3,300 years. That's the approximate shelf-life of honey that's kept in a jar. Well, that's what we think anyway after a discovery by archaeologist T.M Davies. Davies found a jar of honey in an Egyptian tomb which was over 3,300 years old. To his amazement, it was still in good condition and perfectly edible. In some parts of the world, due

Did You Know Chewing Gum Whilst Peeling Onions Stops You From Crying?

For some people chewing gum whilst peeling and chopping onions stops them from crying. Here's why it works. When you cut an onion, you break down the cells and therefore the cell contents are released. Enzymes from within now mix and form a sulfur compound which when it hits the eyes, makes them tear. In order to stop them tearing, we need