Did You Know A Man Does Kung Fu Whilst Hanging From A Tree By His Neck?

Not sure if this is bizarre or just plain outright stupid but let's leave that to you to decide.  Li Liangbin is able to hang off a tree with a rope round his neck and survive. The martial arts expert from China claims his neck muscles have been trained so that he can hang from a tree with a rope and still breathe and survive. Li has managed

Did You Know A Man Spent Years Transforming Himself Into A Human Platypus?

Jenya Bolotov, a body art fanatic, spent many years of his life (and probably plenty of money as well), transforming multiple parts of his body so that he would look like a platypus. Jenya has told of how when he was a child, he didn't feel like he belonged in this world and knew things would have to change in order for him to feel 'right'. To

Did You Know Someone Sold An Imaginary Friend On Ebay For $3000?

There's bizarre, then there's this. A person managed to auction off their imaginary friend on eBay for a whopping $3000. The imaginary friend was Jon Malipieman. His self-portrait consisted of a, well, a wall because he is invisible. This self portrait would also be sent to the winning bidder along with Jon. The seller, some bloke from the

Did You Know A Man Shipped Himself From New York To Texas?

When times get tough, we resort to phone calling loved ones when they're living far away. Unless of course your name is Charles D Mckinley, who shipped himself from New York to his mother in Texas. The shipping clerk was feeling homesick and wanted to pay a visit home. He was informed by someone that it would be cheaper if he just shipped himself

Did You Know There Are People Who Have Taken Out UFO Abduction Insurance?

No you're not seeing things (no pun intended). There is insurance available that covers you if you were to be abducted by aliens. Yet the even more peculiar thing is that people have gone ahead and taken this policy out! Now we're sure that these people have taken it out all in the name of humour. Atleast we think anyway! The insurance claims

Did You Know A Man Nearly Exploded When An Air Valve Lodged Into His Buttocks?

Steven McCormack, a New Zealand Trucker, had a lucky escape from a freak accident which nearly made him explode. The unfortunate event saw Steven have compressed air pumped into his body, inflating him to twice his size! It occurred at a gas station where he was working. He tripped and fell on a broken air pressure valve. Within moments, 100

Did You Know A Man And A Crocodile Became Best Friends After He Rescued It?

Most people would scream if they saw a crocodile whilst rowing a boat down the stream. But not Chito, the Costa Rican man who became best friends with one! Chito, real name Gilberto Shedden, found the croc on the verge of death when it had been shot in the eye. Chito took the croc into his care and Pocho, the name given to the croc, was nursed