Did You Know A Man Was Eaten Alive By A Snake And Then Regurgitated?

In one of the craziest and possibly most stupidest stunts ever seen, wildlife expert Paul Rosolie was eaten alive by an anaconda snake and regurgitated. The stunt which is to be shown on the Discovery Channel in December of this year, shows Rosolie, wearing a 'snake proof' suit being swallowed by the reptile and then brought back out. The

Did You Know That Clownfish Change Gender?

Clownfish change genders and this is a relatively unknown fact about the fish made famous by the movie Finding Nemo. They are all born male so therefore a clownfish sex change must take place in order to breed. At one time, there will only be one female clownfish in a group who will only mate with one dominant male who is usually the biggest. When

Did You Know Flies Vomit Upon Landing?

We already know flies aren't the most clean of insects thanks to the things they like to hang around on but did you know flies vomit on food in the process of eating it? Now this is only for the housefly, not all flies as there are different types and they don't vomit every single time they land. They will only vomit when they want to feed.

Did You Know Sugar Gliders Can Die From A Lack Of Social Interaction?

Originating from Australia as well as New Guinea and Indonesia, sugar gliders have become common as household pets thanks to their weird but rather cute appearance. They are called sugar gliders as their diet consists of nectar and sap from eucalyptus and the fact they actually do glide thanks to a flap of skin between their wrists and ankles. Before

Did You Know A Killer Whale Committed Suicide By Repeatedly Bashing It’s Head?

Hugo, the famous killer whale of Florida committed suicide in 1980 after he constantly kept banging his head into the walls of the tank which he inhabited. It was clear Hugo was not happy for some time as is demonstrated by one of the events leading up to his death. Hugo managed to smash a nine inch hole into the wall of his tank, leading to

Did You Know Butterflies Taste Food With Their Feet?

Feet are probably the last thing you want hovering around your food. However, the butterfly tastes food using it's feet! Unlike us, butterflies don't have a mouth to eat their food. Instead they have what's called a proboscis, which is a straw like structure used to suck up nectar juices. Yet this proboscis is not specialised to taste food. Instead

Did You Know Kenny Was The First Tiger To Have Down Syndrome?

Kenny was a white tiger with down syndrome. He was considered the first ever tiger with the condition. As Kenny was the result of inbreeding, this led to him having a number of deformities. Namely, mental retardation and physical limitations. In recent years, the demand for white tigers has shot through the roof. But it's not just any white