Did You Know A Man Spent Years Transforming Himself Into A Human Platypus?

Jenya Bolotov, a body art fanatic, spent many years of his life (and probably plenty of money as well), transforming multiple parts of his body so that he would look like a platypus. Jenya has told of how when he was a child, he didn't feel like he belonged in this world and knew things would have to change in order for him to feel 'right'. To

Did You Know Someone Sold An Imaginary Friend On Ebay For $3000?

There's bizarre, then there's this. A person managed to auction off their imaginary friend on eBay for a whopping $3000. The imaginary friend was Jon Malipieman. His self-portrait consisted of a, well, a wall because he is invisible. This self portrait would also be sent to the winning bidder along with Jon. The seller, some bloke from the

Did You Know There Is A Contest In Dubai Where You Win Gold For Losing Weight?

In the west, prizes for a contest usually consist of cash prizes or maybe even some goods. But in Dubai, things are a bit different. A contest offers participants gold in return for losing weight! The contest was launched in 2013, named 'Your Weight in Gold' with over 9,000 people joining in. Participants had the opportunity to earn gold for

Did You Know A Man Woke Up From A Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin?

Ben McMahon woke up from a coma speaking fluent Mandarin. This was following a car crash that he was involved in. For most, the biggest miracle would have been that he managed to wake from the week long coma. Yet for many still the biggest miracle was that he was speaking fluent mandarin. The Australian had studied Mandarin at school but not

Did You Know That Christiano Ronaldo Has Scored In Every Minute of A Game?

The world player of the year Christiano Ronaldo has an impressive record that rarely gets mentioned. He has scored in every minute of a game. He completed the achievement of this record in early 2014 after Read Madrid's game against Atletico Madrid. He netted in the 7th minute and by doing so completed the feat. His rival Lionel Messi doesn't

Did You Know That No Two Snowflakes Are Alike?

It's difficult to believe but no two snowflakes are alike. Yes that's right, every snowflake is unique. The marvellous and beautiful shapes created each time are different every time. Of course it cannot be completely proven as every single snowflake that ever dropped has not been documented. Yet of those that have been analysed under the

Did You Know Flies Vomit Upon Landing?

We already know flies aren't the most clean of insects thanks to the things they like to hang around on but did you know flies vomit on food in the process of eating it? Now this is only for the housefly, not all flies as there are different types and they don't vomit every single time they land. They will only vomit when they want to feed.