Did You Know A Man Climbed Mount Everest Alone Without Any Extra Oxygen Support?

Goran Kropp is the man famous for scaling Mount Everest all alone. What’s spectacular is that he managed it without the help of any extra oxygen support.

A Man Climbed Everest Alone

If that isn’t enough, just to arrive at the base of the mountain, he cycled 13,000km from Stockholm. Talk about stamina!

It was in 1996 when he achieved the glory, yet it wasn’t on his first attempt.

Initially it was May 3rd when he first attempted. However after climbing just over 90 metres, he decided to turn around and head back to base. The reason being because it was too late in the day and he would have ended up descending in the dark.

The next attempt was on May 23rd. This time he did manage to scale the mountain successfully and without the support of oxygen or sherpas.

But of course that wasn’t enough for Kropp. He then cycled part of the journey home!

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