Did You Know There Is A Contest In Dubai Where You Win Gold For Losing Weight?

In the west, prizes for a contest usually consist of cash prizes or maybe even some goods. But in Dubai, things are a bit different. A contest offers participants gold in return for losing weight!

Win Gold For Losing Weight

The contest was launched in 2013, named ‘Your Weight in Gold’ with over 9,000 people joining in. Participants had the opportunity to earn gold for every kilo of weight that they lost.

The whole point of the contest was to tackle the issue of obesity which is rife in the middle east thanks to wealthy lifestyles and lack of exercise.

The ultimate winner of the contest that year won just under £1800 pounds worth of gold for losing 26kg of weight.

The 2014 contest was open to families as well, meaning children were allowed to register. Families were offered 2g of gold for every kilo lost whereas individual particpants received 1g for every kilo. Around 15,000 participants were thought to have registered for the 2014 contest.

So, if you ever need to give anyone motivation, you now know what to use!

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