Did You Know Someone Sold An Imaginary Friend On Ebay For $3000?

There’s bizarre, then there’s this. A person managed to auction off their imaginary friend on eBay for a whopping $3000.

Imaginary Friend Sold On Ebay For $3000

Self Portrait of Jon

The imaginary friend was Jon Malipieman. His self-portrait consisted of a, well, a wall because he is invisible. This self portrait would also be sent to the winning bidder along with Jon.

The seller, some bloke from the UK, claimed that he was getting old at the age of 27 and he was growing out him.

So he did what any ordinary person would do, sell him on eBay of course! It turned out to be a decision he wouldn’t regret.

In came the bids one by one until the auction amassed 31 bids in total. The final price? A staggering $3000(or maybe just over).

There were many questions from interested buyers. One question asked, ‘I’m quite musical but have no friends…does he play air guitar?’

The predictable answer was ‘Yes, he’s a professional air guitar player, and he would love to be your friend.’

If you ever need to make some quick money, atleast now you know how to!


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