Did You Know A Man Spent Years Transforming Himself Into A Human Platypus?

Jenya Bolotov, a body art fanatic, spent many years of his life (and probably plenty of money as well), transforming multiple parts of his body so that he would look like a platypus.

Jenya Bolotov Human Platypus

Jenya has told of how when he was a child, he didn’t feel like he belonged in this world and knew things would have to change in order for him to feel ‘right’.

To achieve the look, Bolotov had large plugs inserted into his lips to resemble the beak of a platypus. He also had his earlobes stretched and had holes made on both sides of his nose.

The russian has expressed how he now feels complete after all the modifications. He had the desire to be a platypus for many years.

Body piercings have been a part of his life the since the age of 10 and it was from there things got bigger and bigger…like his lips!

Here’s a recent video of the fella. But WARNING, it’s a bit creepy!


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