Did You Know A Woman Got A Tattoo Of A Restuarant Logo For Free Meals?

Yes that’s right folks, she got permanent ink put on her in the form of a restuarant logo for free meals. But you know what’s even better, the free meals aren’t even for her!

Restuarant Logo Tattoo For Free Meals

(Picture: SWNS)

It was in fact a gift for her father who is a regular at the restaurant. The Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow promised free curries to anyone who got their logo tattooed onto them.

Beth Faulds saw the post on Facebook and knowing that her father was a regular at the restaurant, for over 50 years in fact, she thought it would be the perfect gift for him.

Beth Faulds Restaurant Tattoo

(Picture: SWNS)

Her father Norman was of course delighted, who has been visiting the place since 1967 when he was a student at Glasgow University.

Shish Mahal is a rather famous and popular restuarant and it’s owners claim they invented chicken tikka masala!

If that’s not enough to pull you in, then just know even Morgan Freeman has dined there…

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