Did You Know A Man Was Eaten Alive By A Snake And Then Regurgitated?

In one of the craziest and possibly most stupidest stunts ever seen, wildlife expert Paul Rosolie was eaten alive by an anaconda snake and regurgitated.

Man Eaten Alive By Anaconda

The ‘snake proof’ suit. (Picture: Discovery/YouTube)

The stunt which is to be shown on the Discovery Channel in December of this year, shows Rosolie, wearing a ‘snake proof’ suit being swallowed by the reptile and then brought back out.

The suit was covered in pig’s blood in order to attract the snake. As is usual with the huge snakes, they begin swallowing their prey head first.

However it’s not all wows for Rosolie. He has received a lot of backlash from the stunt. Animal rights activists have criticised him and thousands have signed a petition against the show ever being aired.

Rosolie responded that he was raising awareness about the habitat destruction of these animals.

‘Nothing else that I could have done would have gotten more attention than this,’ he said.

He’s probably right.

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