Did You Know A Man Does Kung Fu Whilst Hanging From A Tree By His Neck?

Not sure if this is bizarre or just plain outright stupid but let’s leave that to you to decide.  Li Liangbin is able to hang off a tree with a rope round his neck and survive.

Chinese Martial Artist Hangs From A Tree By Neck

Source: CEN

The martial arts expert from China claims his neck muscles have been trained so that he can hang from a tree with a rope and still breathe and survive.

Li has managed to strengthen his neck muscles to an extent where he can hang by his neck and yet still continue breathing and perform some crazy moves.

Li has told of how he has practised kung fu from a young age and now that he is a kung fu master, he had to challenge himself with new methods to keep his body disciplined.

“Managing to survive after being hung from a tree was a big challenge as it meant a lot of training in my neck muscles and discipline and meditation as well.” Said Li.

It took over 10 years for Li to develop the ‘skill’. “Everyone knows about kung fu masters that can chop up concrete blocks or leap off tall buildings, but surviving a hanging is something new.”

Yep Li, it certainly is…


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