Did You Know Flies Vomit Upon Landing?

We already know flies aren’t the most clean of insects thanks to the things they like to hang around on but did you know flies vomit on food in the process of eating it?

Flies Vomit On Landing

Now this is only for the housefly, not all flies as there are different types and they don’t vomit every single time they land.

They will only vomit when they want to feed. Initially they will taste the food using their feet, the same way butterflies taste their food. If they think that there is a source of nutrients, they will then go ahead and feed.

With liquidy substances, the housefly has no problem slurping it up through a kind of built in ‘food pump’. Yet when it comes to solids, such as dog poo which it seems to love, it has to break it down.

By regurgitating bits of food and saliva on to the solid food, the enzymes break down the food into a sort of slush which it can then slurp up easily.

Not the nicest thing to imagine, especially when you know what exactly it loves to eat!

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