Did You Know Elvis Died On The Toilet?

He was called the King of Rock, yet as the jokes go, he died laying some rocks… It’s not entirely sure if Elvis died on the toilet but all the information and facts point towards that conclusion.

Elvis Died On Toilet

At the time of his death, Elvis wasn’t in the best of states in terms of his health. He was on a cocktail of drugs which it is thought he overdosed on. It is alleged he was heavily addicted at the time.

He was found by fiancee Ginger Aldon on the floor of the bathroom toilet with his face lying in his own vomit. By this time, The King had been dead for some time and attempts to revive him failed.

His proximity to the toilet and that Aldon recalls his trousers being round his ankles at the time suggested he actually died ‘on the toilet’.

How he actually died, as mentioned before is still not clear. The coroner recorded cardiac arrhythmia, though this is thought to be a cover up for something more ‘image damaging’ such as a drugs overdose.

At the time, Elvis was having bowel problems and it is therefore another possibily that he died straining on the toilet.


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