Did You Know Ears And Noses Continue To Grow Until The End of Life?

You’d think that all aspects of our body would stop growing around the age of 20. That is true for the most part, except for our ears and noses. They seem to have a mind of their own!

Ears and Nose Growth

There are a number of reasons which contribute to our ever growing ears and noses. One of these is that as we age, the skin of the nose and ears begins to sag…eh! This is due to the effects of gravity and loss of elasticity.

If you wear heavy earrings, then expect some exaggerated drooping of your earlobes!

A study by GP James Heathcote in 1993 showed that on average, ears grew at a rate of 0.22mm per year which equates to around 1 centimetre over 50 years.

Another thing is that bones eventually stop growing. Cartilage however doesn’t. The ears are made up of this and therefore this is the reason they continue to grow.

So when you look in the mirror and think that your nose looks a little bigger, then guess what, it probably is!


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