Did You Know Sugar Gliders Can Die From A Lack Of Social Interaction?

Originating from Australia as well as New Guinea and Indonesia, sugar gliders have become common as household pets thanks to their weird but rather cute appearance.

They are called sugar gliders as their diet consists of nectar and sap from eucalyptus and the fact they actually do glide thanks to a flap of skin between their wrists and ankles.

Before pet owners are allowed to take a glider home as a pet, they are given rather basic but strict guidelines on how to take care of the animal. One of these is that it needs be in constant social interaction!

In the wild, sugar gliders live in social groups and because of this they will actively look to bond with others. Therefore it is imperative they bond well with their humany family.

If there is a lack of bonding and therefore lack of social interaction, this can lead to the animal becoming depressed. This depression can in some cases lead to death.

Considering how cute they are, it must be difficult to stay away from them anyway!

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