Did You Know Robin Williams Named His Daughter Zelda After The Game The Legend of Zelda?

The star of Hollywood, Robin Williams had no limits to his awesomeness. Especially after he revealed how he came to name his daughter Zelda. After the game of course!

In an advert for the game, Robin Williams talks about the game and how it influenced the name choice of his daughter Zelda Rae Williams.

At the time when his wife was pregnant, Williams was playing the game The Legend of Zelda quite heavily along with his wife herself and son Zak.

It turns out son Zak Williams had a big part to play in the name choice. Robin mentions how Zak mentioned that Zelda would be a nice name for his sister who was on the way.

To Robin’s ears it sounded magical, never mind the fact it was the name of a princess. The name stuck and thus Zelda Rae Williams was entered into the registers!

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