Did You Know Beyonce’s Former Bodyguard Weighed Over 400 Pounds?

Beyonce Knowles’ former bodyguard weighed over 400lbs and was responsible for her guardianship in the early years of her career. He was called Shorty, yet he was anything but short.

Beyonce Bodyguard Shorty

His exact weight was once cited at 491 pounds. Shorty also measured in at 6ft 8in, so yeah, quite the opposite of Shorty. He was also known as Big Shorty.

Shorty hit the headlines when he allegedly was responsible for breaking Beyonce’s toe after stepping on it by accident. However Beyonce denied these reports and came out to defend Shorty.

Eventually Shorty left Beyonce after apparently being told by her father, Matthew Knowles that he wasn’t fit enough to be his daughter’s bodyguard. Shorty was thought to have been told by him he was ‘too old and obese’ to take sufficient care of his daughter.

Shorty was apparently paid the rest of his contract and told to leave so Beyonce’s father could hire what he called a more ‘buff’ bodyguard.

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