Did You Know A Man Shipped Himself From New York To Texas?

When times get tough, we resort to phone calling loved ones when they’re living far away. Unless of course your name is Charles D Mckinley, who shipped himself from New York to his mother in Texas.

Man Shipped Himself From New York To Texas

The shipping clerk was feeling homesick and wanted to pay a visit home. He was informed by someone that it would be cheaper if he just shipped himself over. So without any real research, he just went along and did the deed!

It was a wooden crate that he climbed into and quite cheekily, he billed the $550 freight charge to his employer. 15 hour laters, he arrived in Texas. For the length of the journey he had no food or water.

Flying on a cargo plane, he managed to avoid detection. Humour aside, the atmosphere inside the plane was quite dangerous due to the pressurised nature of it and Mr Mckinley could easily have died.

Despite being undetected during the journey, he was finally spotted by the delivery man on the doorstep of his mother’s house and called the police.

To add injury to insult, for the money he paid, he could have flown as a passenger in first-class.


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