Did You Know That Clownfish Change Gender?

Clownfish change genders and this is a relatively unknown fact about the fish made famous by the movie Finding Nemo.

Clownfish Change Genders

They are all born male so therefore a clownfish sex change must take place in order to breed. At one time, there will only be one female clownfish in a group who will only mate with one dominant male who is usually the biggest.

When the female dies, there are no other females for mating. Therefore the dominant male undergoes a change in gender, becoming even larger and becoming the only female of the group.

The new female will then go out and search for the biggest male of the group to mate with. This is how the cyle continues.

It is thought the reason this happens is due to the stationary nature of clownfish. They hardly go far from their habitat, which is the bush-like animal the sea anemone.

Because they don’t move around much, it would be difficult to find another female, should the female of their group die.

I’m guessing you didn’t pick any of this up from the movie…

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