Did You Know That Black Attracts Heat?

You must have heard that black attracts heat at some point of your life. It’s the reason why you always see people wearing predominantly white clothes in the summer and not many wearing black clothes.

black attracts heat

Yet have you ever wondered why? Let’s explain it in simple terms. First we need to understand that light and heat are two different types of energy. Black absorbs all wavelengths of light.

When it absorbs the light energy, it converts it into heat energy. White on the other hand reflects all wavelengths of light. As well as light, both colours interact with heat in the same way in terms of absorption.

That’s the basic science behind heat attraction of the colour black. Yet the science boffins amongst you may be thinking then why don’t we wear black in the sun? Good point!

It’s a valid argument. Because as warm as the sun can be, our own body heat has more of an effect on us. All the heat coming off the body is absorbed by black whereas with white it is reflected straight back to the body.

A point to ponder over…

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