Did You Know That Banana Peel Whitens Teeth?

One of the latest health trends is the process of  teeth whitening using banana peel. The natural aspect has made it an attractive method of teeth whitening.

Banana Peel Whitens Teeth

Yet the big question is of course does it really work? You will find mixed reviews from the major health and beauty sites online. The one thing they do seem to agree on however is that the banana peel is more of a cleaner rather than a whitener.

The banana peel contains magnesium, potassium and manganese which helps remove stains from teeth which of course makes teeth appear whiter. So yes it does whiten your teeth but does not physically change the colour of them.

As the peel is soft and not abrasive it is another aspect of the ‘whitening’ treatment which makes it attractive for all those looking for a natural and simple remedy.

Despite the mixed reviews from health experts, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of the general public claim that the banana peel has given some extra shades of white to their teeth!

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