Did You Know There Is A Person Who Has No Arms But Flies A Plane?

Born without any arms, Jessica Cox had to make many changes in life compared to others in order for her to do things which most people take for granted. But her most extraordinary achievement? Flying a plane without arms.

Jessica has learned to drive a car, eat food, play the piano and many other things by using her feet. Flying was something Jessica had always wanted to do and it was a 3 year process to get there.

She did have to find a specific aeroplane, one with 2 less controls than ordinary planes. This allowed her to keep one foot on the yoke and one on the throttle.

Jessica describes flying a plane as her most ‘incredible and empowering experience’ she’s ever had.

There are many people out there born with the similar defects as Jessica but who don’t see life in the same light. Therefore Jessica became a motivational speaker to give inspiration to others to achieve what they want in life.

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