Did You Know There Are People Who Have Taken Out UFO Abduction Insurance?

No you’re not seeing things (no pun intended). There is insurance available that covers you if you were to be abducted by aliens. Yet the even more peculiar thing is that people have gone ahead and taken this policy out!

Alien Abduction InsuranceNow we’re sure that these people have taken it out all in the name of humour. Atleast we think anyway!

The insurance claims it will give you $10,000,000 (10 million dollars) in the event that you are abducted by aliens and you make it back to Earth to tell the tale.

A mere $19.95 gives you lifetime membership! One payment means you are covered for life against any UFO abducting you. It really is a no brainer.

The above is only for one company that offers the insurance. Other companies have policies where the indemnity will double if the abductee becomes impregnated. Men are also covered just in case the aliens have technology to impregnate males too…

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