Did You Know An Artist Drew A Realistic Self Portrait And Used It For His Passport Visa?

When Polish artist Rafal Bujnowski wanted to visit the United States, he had more planned than just a pilot’s course in Manhattan. He had an art project lined up.

Self Portrait For Visa

To travel to the US, he needed to apply for a US visa. Of course the visa application needed a photo of himself. This is where he thought of drawing a self-portrait of himself and using that as his photo for the application.

He drew himself in black and white, then had the drawing itself photographed. He then sent this off with his visa application to be processed.

So what happened next? Sure enough, no one at the consulate realised it was a drawing and his passport visa was accepted and processed.

Bujnowski entered the US and did what he came to do. He even has a video online of himself taking a flying lesson in Manhattan.


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