Did You Know British Police Fired 7 Shots Into An Innocent Man’s Head And Then Later Tried To Cover It Up?

Jean Charles de Menezes was a brazilian man who was shot dead at close range by The London Metropolitan Police. A total of 7 shots were fired into his head at point blank range.

Jean Charles De Menezes Cover Up

Mr Menezes was unfortunately misidentified as a suspect in a failed bombing attack the day before. He was killed just 2 weeks after the London bombings.

He had no relation to the bombings and was not carrying any explosives at the time. The investigations that followed showed many inconsistencies and an alleged cover up was revealed.

First there were disputes about the clothing he was wearing, eyewitness testimonies ranged from Mr Menezes wearing a large winter coat and a ‘bomb belt’ with wires coming out. He was in fact wearing a denim jacket as told by a cousin of Mr Menezes and confirmed by a photo of his body in the carriage.

The police account also claimed that warnings had been given before any shots were fired. Eyewitness testimonies rejected this and one account explained how Mr Menezes remained calm even with a gun pointed to his head.

There were other discrepancies such as claims Mr Menezes jumped the ticket barrier, missing CCTV footage, number of gunshots reported by eyewitnesses.

In the end, the family of Mr Menezes received compensation and an apology from the Police, who said Mr Menezes was innocent and killed wrongly.


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