Did You Know A Killer Whale Committed Suicide By Repeatedly Bashing It’s Head?

Hugo, the famous killer whale of Florida committed suicide in 1980 after he constantly kept banging his head into the walls of the tank which he inhabited.

Hugo Killer Whale Committed Suicide

It was clear Hugo was not happy for some time as is demonstrated by one of the events leading up to his death. Hugo managed to smash a nine inch hole into the wall of his tank, leading to a huge loss of water from it.

However it was the damage to Hugo himself that was of more concern. As Hugo had followed through the break, on trying to lift his head, he managed to slice off around an inch and half of his nose, leaving a three and a half inch flap dangling off.

Fortunately this was remedied by vet Dr Jesse White who managed to bandage up the nose using the flap itself and promote self healing. This was a major breakthrough in Whale medical procedures.

In 1980, Hugo developed a blockage in one of the blood vessels of the brain. All the trauma finally proved too much and Hugo passed away, aged 15.

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