Did You Know Kenny Was The First Tiger To Have Down Syndrome?

Kenny was a white tiger with down syndrome. He was considered the first ever tiger with the condition.

Inbred White Tiger Kenny

Source PBH2

As Kenny was the result of inbreeding, this led to him having a number of deformities. Namely, mental retardation and physical limitations.

In recent years, the demand for white tigers has shot through the roof. But it’s not just any white tiger, it is the ‘perfect’ white tiger.

A long snout, bright blue eyes and the characteristic white fur. These are the ideal features zoos and exotic pet stores look for.

The only problem is that there aren’t many white tigers around. This means the gene pool is very limited when trying to selectively breed for certain characteristics.

Any offspring are effectively inbred and it is likely they’ll have malformations. It was exactly the case with Kenny, the limited gene pool led to him having deformed characterstics such as not being able to close his mouth properly.

Kenny died in 2008 from cancer. He was 10 years old.


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