Did You Know Butterflies Taste Food With Their Feet?

Feet are probably the last thing you want hovering around your food. However, the butterfly tastes food using it’s feet!

Butterfly Tastes Food With It's Feet

Unlike us, butterflies don’t have a mouth to eat their food. Instead they have what’s called a proboscis, which is a straw like structure used to suck up nectar juices. Yet this proboscis is not specialised to taste food.

Instead the majestic insect has taste sensors in it’s feet. So it has to stand on top of potential food to ensure that it is safe for eating.

The taste sensors, called chemoreceptors, are 200 times stronger than that of humans! Their primary use of the taste sensors is to ensure that the food is something it’s offspring can live off.

So before laying any eggs on a leaf, a butterfly will use it’s taste sensors to check if the leaf is something that can be eaten by caterpillars.

If not, then it’s off to the next pot of food to dig it’s feet in!


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