Did You Know All The Humans of The World Would Not Be Able To Fill The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world, measured to be around 4,926 km² in size. You’d think that if 7.2 billion humans were piled up here, they’d fill a good portion of this mighty structure. Ermm, quite the contrary.

Humans Would Not Fill Grand Canyon

A pile of humans in The Grand Canyon. Source: YouTube channel Vsauce

In fact, if this was done, a pile of humans in The Grand Canyon would only occupy a fraction of the land. The calculations made on YouTube channel Vsauce estimates that if all the humans of the world were put into a cube shape, each side of the cube would measure 788 metres.

Now compare that with the 446 kilometre long Canyon which is 1.6 kilometres deep at some points. The pile would be like an ant in a garden. It’s statistics like these that really put the ‘Grand’ into Canyon.

What’s even more amazing is that it is thought if all humans of history would be piled up, that’s around 106 billion of us, we would only make 15 piles. That’s still nowhere near to fill up the great landmark.

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