Did You Know The Founders of Adidas and Puma Were German Nazis?

Two very famous sports companies recognised throughout the world. Yet little do many know that they were both created by brothers who were German Nazis.

Usain Bolt Wears Puma

Usain Bolt and Puma shoes
Photo by Nick Webb / CC BY

Adidas was created by Adolf Dassler whose nickname was Adi. So Adidas was created from Adi Dassler.

His brother Rudolph Dassler initially created Ruda which then went on to become Puma.

Both brothers were initially together but then split and went separate ways. This led to a fierce rivalry between Adidas and Puma leading to division throughout their  hometown.

Even the hometown football teams were divided, where one would support Adidas trainers and the other Puma.

Adolf Hitler starting becoming prominent in the 1930s and that was when both brothers joined the Nazi Party.

Brother Rudolph was called into the army whereas Adi helped by manufacturing shoes for the army.

Later on Adi broke away from the party.

So the next time you’re wearing Adidas or Puma trainers, just think to yourself that you’ve got Nazi roots…literally.

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