Did You Know There Is A Frog That Let’s Itself Freeze Into A Frogsicle?

We all wish we could just skip winter and escape the freezing cold. However there is an animal that does just that!

The Freezing Frog

The Wood Frog, Rana Sylvatica, has the ability to freeze itself in freezing temperatures, then melt and wake up when things warm up a bit!

Found in the fitting country of Canada, the frog has a body and mechanisms designed to enable it to freeze and effectively hibernate during cold temperatures.

Normally, freezing would damage the insides of most organisms as crystals freezing would denature cells or dehydrate them.

However the frog gets around this by having the ice crystals form in spaces where there are no cells. They also have certain mechanisms in place which ensures water inside cells does not freeze.

One of the clever mechanisms used is that high concentrations of sugars are stored into the tissues. These sugars help stop the cells freezing even though surrounding elements of the organs become frozen.

The heart beat stops, muscle movements cease and breathing halts. Around 65% of the water in the body freezes. This is when the frog typically becomes a ‘frogsicle’.

So there you go, with this article we come to a chilling end.

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