Did You Know A Man Decided To Pay His Restaurant Bill 70 Years After A Dine And Dash?

You would think dashing from a $1 meal over 70 years ago would have slipped the mind less than a month after the deed. However, for one man the guilt was still so strong he decided to pay up over 70 years later!

Man Paid Restaurant Bill 70 Years Later

It occurred in 1941 when the person in question was just 10 years old. He and a friend had dined at Lamb’s Grill in Salt Lake City, Utah, only to realise they didn’t have enough money to cover the $1 bill.

In their minds, there was only thing they could do. Run. That’s exactly what they did and lived with the guilt. But for one of them, it was all a bit too much…eventually.

So after all these years, he finally decided he could not take it any longer and would pay back what he owed.

But even then he needed help. He had to get his daughter to go into the restaurant for him to explain and pay the balance. He could not face the situation himself!

The man gave his daughter $5 to pay back to the restaurant.

The current owner Mr Francis Liong welcomed the gesture and explained he would have to pay the money to the owners of that time and that the man was forgiven.

He also said the man was welcome at the grill as long as he paid for his food!

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