Did You Know A London Skyscraper Reflects The Sun So Well It Melts Cars?

London, not exactly a place known for exotic weather. But now there’s a skyscraper that’s melting cars!

London Skyscraper Melts Cars

Source: mattbuck

Covered in a reflective surface and possessing a concave surface, the building is hot trouble when the sun shines because all the heat is directed into a small area.

So far it has managed to melt parts of a car parked opposite to it and set alight buildings accross from it.

Situated on Fenchurch Street in London’s financial centre, the building has been dubbed the walkie talkie by locals for it’s unusual shape designed by the famous architect Rafael Vinoly.

A man who parked his Jaguar in front of the building for an hour returned to find melted mirrors, panels as well as other damaged parts of the car.

Shopkeepers in the area have told of how carpets have caught fire, doors have been smoldered and tiles have shattered from the sheer heat.

So if the weather is a bit gloomy when in London, you know the place to be…

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