Did You Know Facebook Pays People For Finding Bugs On The Site?

In some ways you could say that Facebook pays people for being able to successfully hack the site. But yeah, if you discover bugs and flaws on the site, Facebook will pay you if they’re real threats to the site.

Facebook Pays Hackers

Named the Bug Bounty Program, it was set up so people could report security issues and be rewarded for it. So far the program has proved successful with over $1m in bounties paid out so far.

The amount a person receives varies depending on how much of a potential threat Facebook deems the bug. The largest single bounty so far has been $20, 000.

There are even individual researchers, probably hackers, who have earnt over $100 000 each by finding and reporting flaws. 2 people have even been given full time jobs with the FB security team.

So there you go peeps, want to earn a quick buck? Hack Facebook, then pretend you discovered a way in by accident…

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