Did You Know A Man Staged His Own Kidnapping So He Could Go Out And Party?

It don’t get more desperate than this folks. A man decided he would stage his own kidnapping in front of his wife so he could go enjoy a night out with friends!

Man Staged His Own Kidnap

(Hidalgo County Sheriff)

Rogelio Andaverde staged the event at his house when he was with wife Maria Hernandez at night. 2 masked men entered the house, allegedly wielding guns and kidnapped Rogelio.

Shocked by what she had just witnessed, Maria of course did the human thing and alerted authorities.

A search was underway for Rogelio but was called off after a few hours as there were no significant leads.

Rogelio returned home to his wife 2 days later claiming he had been released. When a follow up investigation took place, it was revealed he had in fact spent some quality time with his buddies.

Rogelio was charged with filing a false report and his bond was set at $5000.

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