Did You Know A Man Nearly Exploded When An Air Valve Lodged Into His Buttocks?

Steven McCormack, a New Zealand Trucker, had a lucky escape from a freak accident which nearly made him explode. The unfortunate event saw Steven have compressed air pumped into his body, inflating him to twice his size!

Man Almost Explodes

It occurred at a gas station where he was working. He tripped and fell on a broken air pressure valve. Within moments, 100 of lbs of compressed air was being pumped into his body.

The air was pumped into every cavity in his body, inflating him and making him look like a balloon. He was in severe pain, could barely breathe and lost sight in one eye. His heart and lungs became compressed.

Fellow workers tried to take the valve out but were unable to because of it’s hook like nature. They could only switch of the air supply.

Miraculously, Steven made a full recovery. The air had to be released from his body. That is, by burping and passing wind…

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