Did You Know A Man And A Crocodile Became Best Friends After He Rescued It?

Most people would scream if they saw a crocodile whilst rowing a boat down the stream. But not Chito, the Costa Rican man who became best friends with one!

The Crocodile Man

Chito, real name Gilberto Shedden, found the croc on the verge of death when it had been shot in the eye. Chito took the croc into his care and Pocho, the name given to the croc, was nursed back to good health.

It was during this time, where Chito and Pocho developed a unique bond, where they both were able to communicate with each other and play with each other.

This of course baffled scientists and other skeptics, as to how could such a ruthless animal develop such a bond with a human.

One theory is that when the croc was shot, damage was done to the brain so everything in it’s brain was being remapped when Chito took it into his care.

In 2011 after approximately 20 years performing together, Pocho died from natural causes. Chito said Pocho was close to 60 years old.

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