Did You Know The Black Rose Actually Does Exist?

Many people are of the impression that there is no such thing as black flowers, but there certainly is. A rare Turkish rose exists which has the unlikely black colour.

The Halfeti Black Rose

It is called the Turkish Halfeti Rose, as it is found in the village of Halfeti. It is found in small quantities and that’s because the conditions have to be just right for it to grow. Hence the reason it is so rare.

The soil conditions and the pH level of the surrounding water has to be just right for rose to take on the deep red crimson colour. However unless it is inspected closely, the colour appears black.

It is only in the summer months the rose appears black, whereas throughout the rest of the year it takes on a dark red tint.

For the turks the rose poses a problem, in that is symbolises hope and passion as well as death and bad new. So which occasion do you use it?

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