Did You Know Dolphins Deliberately ‘Get High’?

Dolphins are generally known as intelligent creatures. However the latest discovery is that dolphins have mastered the art of getting ‘high’!

Dolphins Get High Off Puffer Fish

Footage for a BBC documentary shows how dolphins use the toxins released by a puffer fish to reach a level of intoxication. The dolphins then pass around the fish to take turns…almost movie like!

By gently chewing the puffer fish, the dolphins mastered the technique to make the puffer fish release just the right amount of toxins to ‘get high’.

After reaching the state of ‘high’, the dolphins then proceed to the surface, appearing to be fascinated by the sight of their own reflections!

It is not the first time other animals have been used for recreational purposes such as this. There was a craze once with humans, who would lick toads to get high…

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