Did You Know Action Video Games Improve Dyslexic Childrens Reading?

Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which reading is a very diffucult task, especially in young children. It is the most common learning disability.

Gaming Improves Reading In Dyslexia

The actual causes of dyslexia are not entirely known. Remediation has so far only helped partly with dyslexia and is costly.

Now research has shown that playing action video games can actually improve a child’s ability to read in terms of speed. The study by Franceschini et al demonstrated how playing video games improves the reading of a dyslexic child.

Two groups of children we given either action or non-action video games to play for 80 minutes per day for 9 sessions. Reading speed was measured before and after each session.

It was found that reading speed only improved in the group which was given action-based video games to play with no loss of accuracy.

Looks like children have a valid excuse for gaming all day now!

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