Did You Know Jesse Owens Broke 4 World Records Within 45 Minutes?

Breaking one world record is a dream for many athletes in their careers. Jesse Owens decided to break 4 world records in one of the greatest hour’s in sporting history.

Jesse Owens 4 World Records

Great athletes have broken multiple records of several years of their careers. Jesse Owens broke 4 in the space of 45 minutes. All that at the age of 21.

He broke world records in the 100 yard dash, long jump, 220 yard dash and the 220 yard low hurdles. You’d expect the young fellow to have been tired but nothing was stopping him.

Literally nothing was stopping him. Because on that prolific day, May 25th 1935, Owens also had a bad back!

The timing was perfect, as Adolf Hitler was readying to announce his theories of racial supremacy. A huge slap in the face for him.

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