Did You Know A Nepalese Man Bit A Cobra To Death?

Definitely a bizarre and interesting one. Farmer Mohammed Salmodin bit a cobra to death in response to the cobra biting him first!

Farmer Bites Cobra To Death

He was in his rice paddy field when he was bitten by something. He quickly hurried home to get a torch and came back to discover it was in actual fact a cobra.

After realising it was a cobra, he caught it and bit it to death. He did this acting on advice he was given by a snake charmer.

He had been told that if he was to be bitten by a snake, then bite it back to death and in that way nothing will happen to him.

In the end, nothing did happen to the farmer and although he didn’t at first, he was pressured into getting checked out at the hospital to get the all clear.

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