Did You Know A Man Ran 365 Marathons In A Year?

For many people, it’s a target to run at least one marathon in their lifetime. But Belgium runner Stefaan Engels decided to go the ‘extra mile’.

Man Ran 365 Marathons In Year

In 2010 he set out and completed a marathon each day of the year. That’s a staggering 15, 000km he completed for the year. Some motorists don’t even drive that much in a year!

After completing the final marathon, he entered into the Guinness World Book of Records. But here’s the interesting part, he was already in there for something else.

In 2008, he was entered into the book for completing 20 ironman triathlons in a year. Another amazing feat in itself.

Engels said he did the marathons to show that if he could do a marathon a day, people could get out and exercise a little each day in order to tackle weight issues.

You could have just said Engels…

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