Did You Know A Tortoise Lived To The Age Of 255?

Adwaita the giant tortoise lived a long lengthy life to say the least. The Aldabra giant tortoise was thought to have lived for around 255 years of age.

Giant Tortoise Lives To 255

The tortoise was a pet of General Robert Clive of the British East India Company thought to be gifted by British Seafarers who captured it from Seychelles Islands. Adwaita spent a few years with General Clive until being transferred to the zoo.

In 1875 Adwaita was taken to Alipore zoo. This was after sharing a house with three other giant tortoises who he had already managed to outlive. Little did anyone know his life expectancy was still a few lifetimes away.

Adwaita lived in the same enclosure until he died in 2006, a few months after his shell cracked and a wound developed. Liver failure was found to be the cause of his death in March 2006.

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