Did You Know A Man Didn’t Sleep For 60 Years?

This is insomnia at it’s craziest. A man actually stopped sleeping one day and continued to live without sleep for the next 60 years!

Man Didn't Sleep For 60 Years

The Italian physician Ferdinando Pavoni was the victim of such a ruthless bout of insomnia. It was in 1890 when he was a medical student that he suddenly stopped falling asleep.

Remarkably however, his lack of sleep and therefore lack of rest did not affect his health. In fact Pavoni would fill the extra hours of his day by seeing patients at all times and reading books by various authors.

Despite his efforts, Pavoni was not able to find a cure for his extreme insomnia and lived the next 60 years of his life sleepless.

Think it’s fair to say his life-long dream was…to have a dream again…

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